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Spanish Interpreting

Gema Aparicio offers Spanish conference, legal, and medical interpreting.


Conference Interpreting

Gema Aparicio has conference interpreting experience in a variety of subjects. Please check her resume for past conference interpreting assignments.


  • Depositions

  • Jail Interviews

  • Probation Appointments

  • Juvenile Court Hearings

  • Traffic Court Hearings

  • Criminal Court Proceedings

  • Jury Trials

Interpreting Equipment

She uses interpreting equipment consisting on 4 receivers and 1 transmitter when needed. Having her own equipment allows her to interpret in hearings where up to 5 limited English proficient (LEP) individuals need her services.

Team Interpreting

For events lasting more than 2 hours, a team of interpreters is always needed. Interpreting, whether simultaneously or consecutively, is a very demanding and draining brain activity that requires frequent breaks to give the interpreter time to recover. Team interpreting is done by two interpreters, where one is actively interpreting for about 30 minutes while the other supports him/her. This support takes many shapes, i.e. researching difficult terms that come up, checking the accuracy of the interpretation being provided, writing numbers or addresses that come up, relieving the interpreter actively interpreting after about 30 minutes or earlier if needed.


  • Doctor Office Appointments

  • Social Security Medical Evaluations

  • Hospital Procedures

  • Physical Therapy Appointments

  • Mental Health Evaluations


For more information about how to choose a provider of interpreting services please click here.

To request a quote or for additional information regarding interpreting services visit the Contact Me section of the website.

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